How To Become A Certified Electrician In America

In America, the need for trained and licensed electrician is estimated to become a stable industry in the years to come. To become a licensed electrician requires taking an electronic technician course, skills training, and apprenticeship program which all sums up for more than four years to accomplish. There are some states that include taking an exam as one of their major requirements. If you plan to become one here is what you need to do and prepare for.

Guidelines and Procedure

1. First, you need to apply for any electrician apprenticeship programs in your designated state. Proceed to the National Electrician Contractors Association (NECA) and to the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC). These two trusted groups are the biggest electrician association in the USA. They offer courses that teach an aspiring electrical technician the essentials of the job like; working outdoors, commercial, and the proper wiring and maintenance of power supply and distribution.

2. Do a thorough research of the filed you are about to enter and make a personal assessment of your own skills and capabilities. Determine if you are physically equipped to handle the physical requirements of the work involve in being an electrician. It may require you to climb on ladders, lift equipments, cables, wires and electrical tools when working. Being an electrician may require you to be working outdoors or on locations that are exposed to unpredictable weather elements. It is also expected that you have a good knowledge in math, has clear vision, hand dexterity and has great concern for safety in the workplace.

3. It is a must that you have finished high school and the required four years of apprenticeship training program from a reputable company. Since they are highly supervised by experienced and licensed electricians, potential electricians are well versed and trained in the smallest detail about their task and responsibilities because they initially start as helpers and increase their level of knowledge and expertise as the years go by. After completion of more than 144 of intense training hours they move on to the next process, to earn their certificate and license.

4. Getting licensed is not really that easy. You must be aware of the rules and requirements per state. They have different procedures and criteria for every state. You can check this out per country online from the website of the local licensing agency of your state. The exams are typically offered in sets of questions about electrical codes, theories, and building codes. Once you pass the exams, the licensing office automatically grants the greatest reward of all your hard work – becoming a certified electrician. To become a master electrician requires 7 years of apprenticeship and a bachelor’s degree (Electrical Engineering).


Aside from preparing ahead for the challenges of being a certified technician, it is also practical to have a general idea how much you stand to earn if you pursue a flourishing career in the electrical field. On average it is estimated that licensed electricians earn as much as $ 17 to $3o per hour or depending on the electrical problem or situation the client have. Prepare also to work on shifts and being called even in the most unexpected time.