Emergency Electrician


24 HOUR CALL OUT WE OFFER SAME DAY FAST SERVICE, 95% ALL JOBS ARE DONE WITH ONE VISIT. Whatever electrical emergency you have in your home, hotel, nursing home, commercial property or retail outlet, loss supply, blown fuse, burning smells, fault lighting or sockets, installing cooker or immersion heater, circuits tripping, water damage or even fire we here to help All our electricians are approved and have years experience so be assured your in safe hands with honest advice. We been in business for over…

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Domestic Electrical


We have been domestic and commercial electricians for a long time and working around Ellenbrook we know all about old house wiring and the state of some older houses, a lot of houses still do not have RCD circuit breakers and some still don’t have and EARTH connection, however, we know what we are doing and whatever you need rest assured we use high-quality materials and parts and always leave thing neat and tidy when we leave. We are your local electrician for both domestic…

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Other Services


Antennas – Cabling – Home Theater We have developed a reputation in Ellenbrook over time for providing high-quality low-cost installs and repairs for all domestic and commercial customers 24 hours a day seven days a week, we can provide test and tag and basic quick jobs from as low as $99 or full commercial installations costing 10s of thousands in high rise buildings. As well as electrical jobs we can also help with all cabling work, tv antenna and tv hanging jobs as well as…

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Electricity Saving Guides and Devices According To Electricians


With the skyrocketing cost of electricity, have you ever wondered about electricity saving guides and devices? You certainly do most especially in these days where the economy is not at its best. The great news is, there are really devices that can help you save energy which also good for your budget and the environment.   Kill Switches Device These devices are actually the best to use if you wish to save about 20% or more of the electricity that you are consuming according to…

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How To Become A Certified Electrician In America


In America, the need for trained and licensed electrician is estimated to become a stable industry in the years to come. To become a licensed electrician requires taking an electronic technician course, skills training, and apprenticeship program which all sums up for more than four years to accomplish. There are some states that include taking an exam as one of their major requirements. If you plan to become one here is what you need to do and prepare for. Guidelines and Procedure 1. First, you…

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Electrician Experts – What are Their Characteristics?

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Electrician Experts – What are Their Characteristics? An electrician is meant to work in a variety of environments as they get assigned to different places from time to time. His work is focused on the electrical wiring of machines that are stationary, buildings or structures, and other equipment. This means that electrician experts are supposed to be able to deal with varying scenarios every day. They should be able to cope with different situations effectively and in a manner that will allow them to complete…

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